Gbits is based on Gmail e-mails.

Most people know loyalty points from frequent flyer miles or credit card reward points. Those solutions are typcially a bit cumbersome and a small company can’t join those programs easily. Nowadays, almost everybody has a Gmail address. Every person can open and send emails. Gmail has so cool features and many add-ons. Let’s build on this. Gmail has a nice REST API and you can also use Google AppScript in combination with Gmail.

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Youngest Gmail users

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Gmail users worldwide

Gbits is super easy to use, for old and young.

Gbits is new. It’s fun.

Gbits is just email

Gbits is pretty secure.

How Gbits works

Learn more about what can do for you.

For Individuals

After signing-up as user, you will receive 100 Gbits to get started. Convert your Gbits loyalty points into merchants products or services. You can also send Gbits loyalty coin to any of your friends or family members who have Gmail account. The Google Gmail setting ‘dynamic e-mail’ needs to be enabled (which is the default setting).

For Merchants and SaaS Companies

During the current ‘closed beta’ programm we are working with a few selected clients. We respect user privacy. We keep all user data in one place. User data is solely stored in Google Cloud i.e. in Google data centers.

For Software Developers

For software developer it’s super easy to build on and use Gbits loyalty points. Just use Google’s Gmail API and checkout the website. You can also enhance the Gbits experience with Google Gmail Workspace Add-Ons.
We keep all user data in the Google Cloud i.e. in Google data centers.


Forward some of your Gbits to a friend. To learn more, hoover over the icons or tab (click) on them.

  • It's just email - no software installation needed
  • It's global.
  • You can send Gbits by using Gmail
  • Programmable loyalty points accessible with Google AppScript
  • Gbits benefits from Gmail security and Google Accounts
  • You may use Gmail accessibility features for Gbits
  • Use Google Assistant voice commands to send Gbits
  • It is quick to transfer.
  • Available on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile phone

Gbits Dynamic Email Client

Gbits is very simple and easy.

  • No software installation
  • It’s just email

Our ambition: What We Want Our Clients To Say

We intend to launch in summer 2021.

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