Last update: Nov 26, 2021

Important Terminology

  • Administrator: The user who is responsible for the Administrator Account of the Google Cloud account.
  • Acount: A account is basically just a row in a database. This row contains the user’s IP address, full name (if available), Gbits loyalty pöints balance, and some meta data like account created timestamp.
  • is the DNS domain for the loyalty points system. Gbits loyalty system is (as of May 2021) just an experiment and a prototype.
  • Loyalty points: Loyalty points are just some numbers in a database. Loyalty points are created and assigned arbitrarily.
  • Privacy Policy: the privacy policy as described here:
  • Transactions: Transactions (a.k.a. transfers) can be triggered in two ways: 1. based on a simple email with pattern “ GEE” in email subject and TO: address for the recipient and CC: address . Valid emails from registered users to other registered users and CC: address result in a transaction row in a database. If a few conditions are met, the transactions is processed, the account balances are updated (credited, debited) and confirmation emails are sent.
  • User: A person with a Google Gmail account who has signed-up for beta test program.
  • Website: The website that can be reached with a web browser. The URL is:

The loyalty point solution is currently in “closed Beta” program.

The solution is currently just a prototype and operated as “closed beta” program with just a few users (“friends, family and fools”).


The Gbits loyalty points can be lost at any time. It’s currently only a prototype to try a few things out and to experiment a bit.

Service Provided As:

The Service is provided for free during this closed beta (beta test) phase, and is provided “as is” with no warranty. Conclude will provide User support for the Service, however; Conclude is not committed to any level of service or availability of the Service.

Company Liability:

If you enter into this agreement on behalf of a company, you hereby agree that the company is responsible under this Agreement for all actions and omissions conducted by its designated users of the Service.

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